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We specialize in lost car key replacement. Our experts are ready to resolve your lost car key woes. If you’re stuck and have lost your only car key, you know there’s nothing more frustrating. We are here to help.

Here’s how it works:

1 – First, we verify that you own the car.

2 – Next, we cut your key by your car’s VIN Number.

3 – Then, we come to you and program the key to start your car.

That’s it! You get your new key and you’re ready to roll.
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What is a VIN Cut Key?

If you’ve lost all of the keys to your car – a VIN cut key is your only option. This is because if there is no key to copy, an original factory key has to be made to your locks. We are licensed to make VIN cut keys. A VIN cut key is a new key that is cut based on your vehicle’s VIN number and to the original factory specifications of the locks on the car with special equipment.

After The Key is Cut

Most car keys have to be programmed before they will start the car – that’s because there is a small computer chip in the key that talks to the car’s computer and gives is a password of sorts to let the car know it’s not being stolen. When the car recognizes the key, it starts and you are able to drive the car. If an unrecognized key is used to try to start the car, the car’s computer will not allow the engine to fire which can result in the car engine turning over and over and sounding like it is trying to start, but it never actually does. **Caution: If an unrecognized key is used too many times to try to start a car, the car can enter a lockdown mode where it will not even start with a programmed key.**
Key programming is the process where the electronic part of the key (which is often encased inside the plastic head of the key) is registered to the car’s computer. This is an anti-theft feature and is standard on most cars today starting in 1998. To complete programming, we hook up to your vehicle with diagnostic equipment to register the new key to your car’s computer. Once programming is complete your new car key is ready to use.

Do I Have To Tow My Car?

We’ll come to your car – wherever it is in the greater Summerville / Charleston area to program the key to start your car. This eliminates your need to tow the vehicle. Some companies require that you tow the car to them for key programming. Towing can cause costly damage to a vehicle, why take that risk if you don’t have to? And let’s face it, who wants to wait for a tow truck? Instead, have one of our fast, reliable technicians come to you.

Verifying Ownership

As licensed locksmiths, we take our responsibility to the community seriously. Your security is our top priority. This is one reason why we require Proof of Ownership before we will provide keys to a car that has none. Proof of Ownership usually consists of a valid Driver’s License and either the vehicle registration, title, or insurance card. We only release VIN cut keys to the registered owner of a vehicle.

Preventing Lost Car Key Issues

The best way to ensure you are never stuck without a way to start your car is to make sure you have a duplicate car key. Having a spare key at home or with a trusted friend or family member will prevent this frustrating situation and will save you money in the long run. That is why, if you find yourself with just one vehicle key, it is urgent to get a duplicate of your car key. Get a quote on a duplicate car key now.